The TAAS conference seeks to bring us closer to horizontal dialogues, with equity, among all types of researchers. This symposium looks to offer varied dialogues in the same presentation formats to contribut in the production of Latin American archeologies, without any explicit intergenerational and academic discrimination.  This IX Meeting of TAAS in Ibarra envisages that more students participate not only as the audience in the meeting but also the possibility that young students and researchers can relate more closely to the discussions that take place contemporarily in the archeology of the Americas. It is in this spirit that we propose a symposium with an overwhelming student participation, at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  In this fashion, we hope the symposium offers student at all levels greater support, eliminiting as much as possible the typical hierarchical biases in terms of academic degrees or experience, so that they can take advantage of this space of research and intellectual exchange.

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O. Hugo Benavides, Fordham University, EEUU, benavides@fordham.edu

Óscar Pozo-Arellano, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, opozo285@puce.edu.ec

symposium commentator.